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Our Cookbook ~ What We Cook, is a compilation of every recipe we (Janice and Carissa) cook - recipes from our cookbook collections, our recipe boxes, and our heads! We set up this blog for friends and family who have our cookbook to let them see pictures we post of the recipes in the book, and also for us to note any corrections, revisions, or additions to What We Cook. We encourage people who are cooking our recipes to let us know how the recipes turn out and any suggestions they might want to make.

In addition, we will be sharing some of our new recipes (along with pictures) that are not in our cookbook. We hope you will help us out and test recipes and give us your comments.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Olive Garden Zuppa Toscana ~ page 51

With practically the whole country cold this week--I figured it should be the week of soups, so here is my favorite. This is the soup I always order at Olive Garden--remember, the place where I don't like the bread-sticks!--But I do love this soup, so I found a copy-cat recipe for it.
The recipe calls for spicy link sausage. This time I used a jalapeƱo sausage that I had on hand, but I usually use a spicy Italian sausage. If your sausage is not as spicy as you would like, then add a few shakes of red pepper to the soup.
After you brown the sausage and set it aside to drain--cook the bacon in the same pot, then set it aside to crumble for the topping. Drain off some of the bacon grease, then add the chopped onions to cook in the rest of the drippings. This give great smoky bacon flavor to the soup.
I couldn't find kale at the grocery store this week, so I used collard greens, which is a fine substitute. Oh, and when you are preparing the potatoes, leave the peels on. This is a rustic soup and the peels are welcome!
I had some homemade chicken broth in the fridge today--which is a great addition if you have some. Otherwise, broth from a box or bouillon is fine to use. The potatoes and greens cook up fast--this looks good just like it is...
but the addition of a small amount of cream takes this soup in the cozy comfort level.
You can also add freshly grated Parmesan cheese on top each serving--I remembered that after the meal--oh well, next time. Now, imagine this with Carissa's bread-sticks....yummm, very good. ~ stay warm, Janice

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