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Our Cookbook ~ What We Cook, is a compilation of every recipe we (Janice and Carissa) cook - recipes from our cookbook collections, our recipe boxes, and our heads! We set up this blog for friends and family who have our cookbook to let them see pictures we post of the recipes in the book, and also for us to note any corrections, revisions, or additions to What We Cook. We encourage people who are cooking our recipes to let us know how the recipes turn out and any suggestions they might want to make.

In addition, we will be sharing some of our new recipes (along with pictures) that are not in our cookbook. We hope you will help us out and test recipes and give us your comments.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Italian Breadsticks ~ page 282

Last summer I posted this recipe, but I had made it into pizza rolls with cheese and pepperoni. Here are the breadsticks as they are written. They rise very quickly, so it doesn't take all afternoon to make them. They are much better than Olive Garden's breadsticks I think. The recipe says to knead in as much of the flour as you can, but don't add it all in. You still want a soft ball of dough. The reason the recipe doesn't just give an exact amount is just because there are so many little variables...from the kind of flour you use to your weather. Just add what you need to to make a soft non sticky ball and you will be fine. Of the 2 cups I think I added 1 3/4 cup of flour.
Above it the dough rising in the warm but OFF oven...then I added a dish of boiling water beside it to keep it warm in there...I needed it to rise even faster. I was in a hurry had hungry kids and husband waiting!
Below is the finished product...so YUMMY! I had leftover black Bean Soup from the other night so dolled it up by adding rotisserie chicken and came out with a great meal that was very healthy!


Janice Johnson said...

I ate these bread-sticks at Carissa's house the other day, and they reminded me of Olive Garden bread-sticks--how much, much better they are! I actually am NOT a fan of OG bread-sticks at all. Carissa's bread-sticks are absolutely wonderful--everything a bread-stick should be!

Dacia said...

I love these breadsticks, Carissa! I make them all the time. They do taste better than olive garden and I love that they can be made so quickly. I usually only add 3/4 c flour too and I make them into 8 or more breadsticks instead of 6 because they go farther for company (and kids who always want another) we never have leftovers of these no matter how many people are eating them. So delicious!!! :-)