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Our Cookbook ~ What We Cook, is a compilation of every recipe we (Janice and Carissa) cook - recipes from our cookbook collections, our recipe boxes, and our heads! We set up this blog for friends and family who have our cookbook to let them see pictures we post of the recipes in the book, and also for us to note any corrections, revisions, or additions to What We Cook. We encourage people who are cooking our recipes to let us know how the recipes turn out and any suggestions they might want to make.

In addition, we will be sharing some of our new recipes (along with pictures) that are not in our cookbook. We hope you will help us out and test recipes and give us your comments.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yeast-Raised Pecan Waffles ~ page 303

Carissa’s Belgian Waffles are great for when you want spur-of-the moment waffles…but if you have time to plan to mix this batter up the night before, these yeast waffles are amazing. I love this recipe, but I decided that the batter needs to be a little thicker—they were overflowing my waffle iron too often. So I have a correction for the recipe (this will also be posted on the corrections tab on the blog): Instead of ½ cup whole wheat flour, I changed it to 1 cup of whole wheat flour. This made the consistency of the batter much better. I cooked these for breakfast when Adam and Carissa were visiting last week, and after breakfast Adam asked me if I was baking bread also…he said it smelled like yummy bread baking in the house! I noticed that the house did smell good the whole day long. So there is your added benefit to these yeasty waffles!

Another wonderful aspect of these waffles is that they reheat so nice and crisp straight from the freezer.  So I never cut back on the recipe, even for just two of us—I just make up the extras and freeze them in a zipper-top bag.
Here is the batter after rising (on the counter top) overnight. Now just add the eggs and baking soda.
This is how much the batter goes down after you stir it!
I like to sprinkle the pecan on the hot waffle iron, then pour the batter on top--that gives the pecans a nice toasting to bring out their flavor.

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