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Our Cookbook ~ What We Cook, is a compilation of every recipe we (Janice and Carissa) cook - recipes from our cookbook collections, our recipe boxes, and our heads! We set up this blog for friends and family who have our cookbook to let them see pictures we post of the recipes in the book, and also for us to note any corrections, revisions, or additions to What We Cook. We encourage people who are cooking our recipes to let us know how the recipes turn out and any suggestions they might want to make.

In addition, we will be sharing some of our new recipes (along with pictures) that are not in our cookbook. We hope you will help us out and test recipes and give us your comments.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Chinese Chicken Over Rice ~ page 126

Carissa is going to say this picture doesn't look right--and the reason is, I was in a hurry, and did not cut the chicken tenders into bite-size pieces, as you can see. This is a great recipe for when you are short on time, and it is one of those days when you are searching for a recipe you actually have all the ingredients for without going shopping.
The recipe calls for ground ginger, but I like to use this fresh ginger that I keep in my freezer. This is a little trick for always having fresh ginger on hand: peel a piece of ginger, and just put it in a plastic freezer baggie and throw it in the freezer till you need some. Then use a microplane grater (read about this fantastic tool on the gadget tab at the top of the blog) to grate off the amount you want from the still frozen ginger.
Brown up your chicken, then simmer it in the wonderful sauce. We like the full amount of red pepper in our sauce to give it a little kick.
Then serve up this tasty meal in the time it takes to cook the rice. I had the suggested sliced green onion and chopped peanuts ready for the garnish...then forgot to put them on!

NOTE--One other serving idea, (for vegetable lovers) is to add a selection of vegetables to the chicken and sauce, for more of a one-dish meal. Sautéed bell pepper, mushrooms, onion, water chestnuts, chopped celery...any type vegetable that works well with Chinese food will do. For a pot luck dish, just put it all in a crock pot to stay warm. (Bring the cooked white or brown rice in a separate dish.) This meal  works well for large crowds too.


Mike said...

This gets my vote for dinner tonight. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Janice Johnson said...

Ok, I know Lorrie just made this, with some interesting additions...so Lorrie, it is time to post!

2breeds said...

This was a wonderful dish. I did make a few changes because of what I had on hand, and we like "spice". Instead of olive oil, I used something called Hot Chili Sesame Oil. I also added toasted sesame seeds, maybe a tablespoon. With the ketchup I added something I just bought that is like a spicy sweet and sour sauce in a bottle, called Sweet Chili Sauce, by "Caravelle"found on the Asian isle.
I used about 1/4 cup. When I added the chicken back to the sauce, I threw in some broccoli and put the lid back on for about 15 minutes, just so we had a vegetable. (I did add slice onion and red and green bells strips when browning my chicken) I always use low sodium, lite soy sauce and can tell no real difference in flavor.

Mike said...

I just made this for supper and it was great. I used all the requested ingredients. I did make a note in my cookbook though, half the brown sugar. Too sweet for me.